Our company

Safic-Alcan Deutschland GmbH, Bad Kreuznach

The company was founded in 1972 by J.E. Göbel and W. Pfrengle with the objective of being a reliable and capable supplier for the rubber industry.

At the end of 1998 Safic-Alcan S. A., Paris took over the Göbel + Pfrengle GmbH. The acquisition of the company implied another business for Safic-Alcan in the european rubber market besides the already established subsidiaries in Italy, the United Kingdom, Portugal and Spain.

As from 07.12.2004 the former name of our company was changed to Safic-Alcan Deutschland GmbH. Hereby we followed our affiliated companies which also express their countries in their company names.

Based on a solid business management it is now our goal to expand in the german market with an increasing product range.

The situation for Safic-Alcan Deutschland GmbH is better than ever, not least due to the strengthening impact of the frensh holding company, which made it possible to develop new markets. For example Safic-Alcan France has been succeeding in the business of fine chemicals for years – a service which can now also be offered to our german market.

Our product portfolio “Fine chemicals” will extend our product range significantly. The following fields of industry are included here:
  • raw materials for cosmetics
  • raw materials for dietary supplements, health and fitness as well as specialties
  • human and veterinary pharmaceuticals
  • intermetiate products for chemical synthesis

Our company stands for environmental protection, increase and benefit in order to ensure safety and consistency with respect to our economic responsibility and reliability for our company, our staff and our customers.